Commercial Real Estate Lending

Commercial Real Estate financing for acquisition, development, construction, renovation, and rehabilitation. Flexible private financing and institutional loans available.

Augustine Capital Solutions is highly experienced in providing our clients with Private and Hard Money loans with an exceptional record of efficiency and fast closing. Our leveraged 30 year network of lenders and private investment firms puts us, and you, ahead of competition.

Our goal is to power your success and keep you focused on your investment, we’ll take care of your funding. We have flexible terms and streamlined approvals that put us, and you, ahead of the competition.  We understand the demands facing investors and developers and are here to architect your financing through the life cycle of your project.

We specialize in Private Lending and Hard Money loans for commercial real estate investing. Traditional lenders are often limited by risk and only lend on stable investments where they feel risk is reduced. This often excludes borrowers seeking finding fro rehabilitation projects and new construction.

We close quickly and reduce the requirements. Augustine Capital and its proprietary lenders look at your transaction and the future potential of your property. Our programs reduce down payments, minimize paper work requirements, and close fast so that you can fully leverage that potential.

At Augustine Capital Solutions we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with investors, lenders, realtors, real estate attorneys, and appreciate our community.

If you are a real estate investor, a real estate attorney, or any other third party who wants to refer us transactions to help your existing clients, we have a referral program for you.

If you are a business that works with investors in non-owner occupied real estate, then we’d like to discuss our corporate partner programs with you.

We are experts at providing alternative real estate investing options for commercial real estate transactions nationwide. We can fund a majority of your financing through private capital, that means faster closing and less restrictions on your investment projects and business goals.

We benefit our network by providing reliable loan opportunities to lenders and competitive terms to our borrowers, not normally found in conventional lending.

Private lending is a relationship business that provides fewer hard and fast rules. Our network of private lending investors provide you with more access to capital. When 80% of commercial real estate loans are turned down by banks in the post bubble market place. Our private lenders are helping investors rehabilitate and revitalize communities.

For them there are safe, reliable returns on their capital and for you there is the assurance that you can close when the opportunity in front of you, that’s a win-win relationship.

Our Hard Money Lending programs help you stay focused on the value of your real estate investment and offer standardized lending practices that grow with you. Hard money offerings at Augustine Capital Solutions look at the value of your property and satisfy the risk based on the asset, not on your personal credit history. This allows you to approach your transaction with financing that closes quickly, supports your valuations with independent consultation, and brings your deal home with a high probability of success.

Our hard money loans work for you were traditional commercial mortgages continue to be scaled back and unavailable to most investors. Get Speed, Flexibility, and Quick Approvals with Hard Money Loans at Augustine Capital.

Our commercial bridge loans are structured to assist our clients in repositioning properties and keeps projects moving forward. Our short duration funding allows investors to move quickly and developers projects progressing. Leverage our know how to design the right solution to meet your investment needs.

Long term traditional financing through banks can extend closings 4 to 6 months. Our bridge loan programs get developers, builders, and real estate investors projects and investments moving forward.

A short term bridge loan keeps your financing in place and your business operating and is repayable as your senior loan closes. We close in 10 days or less and have other collateralized options available.


Augustine Capital Solutions bridge loan program provides you with a custom-tailored financing option. We focus on borrowers that need flexibility to execute a diverse range of strategies.

Simple, Transparent Process & Quick Funding

  • Request a loan
  • Receive Letter of Intent
  • Underwriting, Funding, and Servicing

Pricing is based on transaction quality, location and leverage. Rates are typically 7.75% – 9.75%. Recourse and Non-recourse offered.